Master Thesis

Endlich geschafft! Nach einigen Mühen und unter fast vollständigem Ausnutzen des Verlängerungszeitraums habe ich meine UNIGIS Master Thesis fertiggestellt. Inhaltlich geht es in der Arbeit um den Aufbau eines GIS-basierten Grundeigentumsystems in Tansania, wobei ich mich hauptsächlich um technische Aspekte gekümmert habe. Die organisatorischen und formalen Aspekte eines solchen Systems wurden in einer separaten Arbeit von Klaus Mithöfer behandelt. Im Rückblick kann ich sagen, dass ich viel von der Arbeit an der Master Thesis profitiert habe. Auf rein technischer Ebene bin ich nun versiert im Umgang mit PostGIS, Geoserver und OpenLayers -- dem Open Source Geospatial Stack. Das Potenzial dieses Stacks scheint mir enorm. Andererseits musste ich mich für das Verfassen der Arbeit intensiv in die Materie eingraben. So eine vertiefte Auseinandersetzung mit einem Thema -- auch auf theoretischer Ebene -- tut ab und zu sicher gut. Wer an der Master Thesis interessiert ist, kann sie einfach downloaden und anschauen:
Master Thesis (pdf, 2.5Mb)

Die Master Thesis ist der letzte Baustein in meinem UNIGIS-Studium, so dass ich mich nun erneut "Master of Science" nennen kann. Auch abgesehen vom Titel hat sich der Aufwand der letzten zwei Jahre auf jeden Fall gelohnt. Folgende Punkte sind für mich die zentralen Gewinne:
  • Durch das breite Curriculum hatte ich die Gelegenheit, mir einiges an zusätzlichem Fachwissen anzueignen. Als wichtigste Bereiche sind hier Interoperabilität und ArcGIS Server zu nennen.
  • Auch in methodischer Hinsicht konnte ich stark profitieren (Projektmanagement und Kommunikation).
  • Nicht zuletzt hatte ich durch UNIGIS die Gelegenheit, interessante GIS-Interessierte aus den verschiedensten Branchen kennenzulernen.
Ein paar wenige Mängel waren auch auszumachen:
  • Die Blackboard-Plattform erschien mir nicht immer sehr anwenderfreundlich. Im Internet bin ich mich modernere, reaktionsschnellere Interfaces gewohnt, so dass ich mich des öfteren aufregen musste.
  • Die verschiedenen Module waren nicht alle gleich relevant und interessant für mich. Dies lässt sich jedoch kaum vermeiden, wenn ein so breites Angebot verfügbar ist.
Die positiven Aspekte haben jedoch deutlich überwogen. Nichtsdestotrotz bin ich mehr als froh und erleichtert, dass ich das Studium nun hinter mir habe. Es gibt ja noch andere Dinge, die man in seiner Freizeit anstellen kann...
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Oppose is a personal challenge for him.Once, just once, with three of us in the job. This is a very famous case, most likely for all of us is one of the most famous cases.This is an excavation of the bodies, although this is no time to undertake communication activities, but this time to explore a particular number of people to witness.
On May 18, 1953, we usually discover the autonomous city of the 5:30 A.M. at the Royal Kensington decreed Roman Catholic cemetery.

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The Affairs of those arrangements and there is no doubt that people always assume that overslept if set at dawn, discover dead body would be too cool will be turned into private transactional work. Should be double guarantee because it is a sensation of cases.Authorities have set up roadblocks, forbade unauthorised persons entering the cemetery,

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sent 30 police patrols around so that the public and newspaper reporters not to edge up. Despite these precautions, when you lift the coffin, a group of newspaper reporters, photographers with Telephoto Lenses of cameras came in buses from the high road embankment boundary. As usual, many early sometimes stopped, stood at the edge of Rails hoping to glimpse a glance what. Everyone recognized that is not a normal excavation. This is because the defence counsel, rather than as requested by the prosecution. Inmate who confirm their guilt. Due to the double murder case, a man were hanged three years ago.I represent the defendant, Attorney General nominated Campos for a body check.

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Thiard with us, because in September 1949 he did the initial autopsy. The fourth doctor, not a pathologist, but a psychiatrist Hobson as the accused party backing.About 5 feet deep tomb pit, headstone has been raised, and in much of the Earth has moved off before we arrived. This pair of coffins in six of the top of the coffin in the cemetery. Coffin door is swept clean, engraved with the names of bronze medals have been exposed, according to the police like. Then the coffin was carried out. Funeral attendants, autopsy room managers and gravedigger solemnly read the carved names of bronze medals, two bodies in coffins on the indicated: beilier·yiwensi, 19 and her daughter is 14 months. We were very satisfied with seeing this coffin is made of Elm wood of an inch thick, still intact, but coffin lid slightly cocked.

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I agree to the coffin lid slightly open so that gas to come out before the coffin out of the grave. And then I and my Secretary from the stares of people's eyes and under the camera slipped out to the Kensington hotel breakfast.8:15, we gathered in Kensington autopsy room again, and join the head of the Metropolitan Police laboratories Nicholls, two sergeants: London police liaison officer qiaozhi·shaerta and qiaozhi·zhanningsi. Which at the time of the first autopsy on body for personal recognition, this time he also served as the task; it is also his, records of pedicle Moxi·yuehan·yiwensi statement and accused him of murdering his wife

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Christie's mental health to be fully able to understand this view, he explained to the prison priest said: the more the better so confused and shocked.Christie crime more facts on the record, does not seem to be possible in the upcoming trial to the effect that his judgment,

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We know that, when the coffin lid open when we are looking for may prove evidence of an innocent man hanged.Words of psychiatrist Huo Bosen, Christie was a pathological liar. He pretended to be a strict morals, he forged with a statement of each offence contains reasons. He made an excuse to kill his wife out of her suffering.

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In two other cases he says his victim first beating and finally he said Beryl had asked him to help her commit suicide. Christie's last four victims were strangled with rope. He said he was killed in the same way the two bones of the victims at that time. Three of the bodies of the four cases of Campos check cases (other than Mrs Christie) can clearly see the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, and confirmed by light microscopy.

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murdering Beryl – for the first time in Brixton prison on his lawyers admit it-the process is the same type: first gas made her lose consciousness, followed her with rope and then sexual intercourse.

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When he asked when Mr Huo Bosen repeat this statement, Christie said he was not sure she still is the first sexual intercourse. His lawyer pedicled with kelifudun give me a real copy of the original autopsy report, and I consider the medical evidence to support his statements.

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The strongest evidence is Beryl (same with her daughter) was strangled with a rope, which is the Corpus Christi fixed means. Closed pinching of the dead and most of the murderer is. Pedicled with other SAR reports prove Beryl was dead had been beaten before: an eye blackened, description lip bruise on her face was boxing. And more serious in her thigh and leg contusion. These injuries and Christie murders are different. Thiard also noted in the Anterior vaginal wall are two injuries-a is the old scars and next to it there is a small area of contusion, pedicle Yar contusion at the local court, said that may be caused by attempts to violent sexual intercourse or when fighting. He also says that this is most likely due to a syringe and self-inflicted, Beryl seems to want to try out the abortion (she was four months pregnant).

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In addition to not wearing underwear, her body through a full range of clothing. But pedicle Yar not vaginal swab laboratory. If what he did, he would almost certainly be found Christie's sperm. Lu multi-dimensional g · Kennedy in his very popular book of the 10th residence Lillington, wrote in; and I suspect it all on Dr Meirion Evans-write thousands of words in the Corpus Christi case stories are also to be found in more careless than this exaggeration.

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Thiard reports the most enlightening is certain he did not say.

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If Christie was using the coal gas poisoning Beryl, then her skin and tissues should be lit cherry red ① (① when carbon monoxide poisoning, the formation of carboxyhemoglobin, blood is cherry red, skin and tissue is cherry red. --The translator). This feature significant signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, unlikely to be as careful as pedicle Yar and apparent murder cases ignored by experienced pathologists. Campos very clearly on the other three bodies, which at the time of check of two cases had died almost two months.

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Beryl's body to save almost degrees, when the pedicled Yar for autopsy, was not enough for a month. And has a complete spirit of pedicle Yar is also for the General laboratory examination of the carbon monoxide, but found nothing.

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After a stroke, she was declared only live six months to a year, but was accused of murder in the now under the care of her doctor, she survived 2.5 years. She left 157,000 pounds property, but the doctor only accepts a used Rolls-Royce cars and a Cabinet 275 pounds worth of silverware sth

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It's hard to say be a rich heritage.However, Government to persuaded security official to allegations Ardanz doctor a evidence seems to conclusive of case, produced has he by open of morphine and heroin of prescription; nurses testify said by open of drug has was using, is in patients is continued coma Shi also as with, that patients appears opium poisoning signs; and has a famous doctor pointed out that only is has murder she of attempts to only to she using this drug.

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